I’m still waiting for photos of everyone’s finished paintings from Artzilla so I thought I’d post some process pics I took over the weekend. 

my inspiration

first i made paint blobs on olastic.

texture paste underneath then my favorite reds

layed out the flowers first

i used a photograph of my Ruby for reference

playing with neutrals

Ruby Do

What lies beneath

*update. Four days later my son came to visit and I had him Che k under the canvas. The monster was still alive. Until he wasn’t any longer. I plead the 5th. 

I came out to the studio late last night to work and was greeted by a rather large and sinister palmetto bug. I captured him with a small canvas. Wondering how long it will take for him to perish. My work flow today may be severely compromised. 

if it moves i’m in trouble

Paint chips

Still fooling around with a concept I shared as extra content for my book “Acrylic Expressions”. If you own the book there is a link on the last page that takes you to the basic directions for this idea. These little samples are further exploration to that end. Simply using old paint chips incorporated into these tiny collages. I’m finally getting into a groove.

How do you use old supplies laying around your workspace?