What lies beneath

*update. Four days later my son came to visit and I had him Che k under the canvas. The monster was still alive. Until he wasn’t any longer. I plead the 5th. 

I came out to the studio late last night to work and was greeted by a rather large and sinister palmetto bug. I captured him with a small canvas. Wondering how long it will take for him to perish. My work flow today may be severely compromised. 

if it moves i’m in trouble

decisions decisions

Photo Jul 12, 7 09 34 AM

internet photo of a polish barn.



I love painted barns and when I decided to add a studio building to our property I had every intention of painting the back side reminiscent of one of these charming buildings. Originally I was going to have the barn painted black and add white ‘swiderfied’ floral designs.

Photo Jul 12, 7 07 52 AM

internet photo


I am just totally in love with the contrast of this color combination. I thought that a black building with a red metal roof would be just the ticket to have my own charming polish barn. The shade from the trees would nestle the studio into it’s surroundings and in no time rabbits would be greeting me on the porch and gnomes would be leaving me acorns on the doorstep. sigh.


And then the lot was cleared.

And the close shade from the trees was eliminated. There are still trees surrounding the perimeter, but there is no nestled tree canopy up close and that black building was going to look like a giant dark spot right next to the main house. So I had to come up with another plan. Crud.

Photo Oct 26, 2 26 44 PM

front porch at our little slice of heaven in the woods.

Since our house is a warm coppery brick and all of the trim is painted greenish grey, I wanted the studio painted that same grey. However I only had two choices from the manufacturer: gap grey and clay. The samples at the Old Hickory sales office were 3″x3″ and trying to find an accurate photo of those two colors was like trying to find the elusive holy grail.  Who can pick an entire house from a 9sq”??!! (I suggested kindly that they upgrade to something larger:~) From what I could tell the grey was my best option so I placed my order. And then, worried that the grey could skew too cool, I had buyers remorse about 24 hours later and changed to the clay. And then I had buyers remorse again and called and almost changed it back to grey but chickened out. I mean, I work with color every day and I simply could NOT make a decision! And the cost of a custom color was financially out of the question.


After actually losing sleep over this (yes, I’m a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to these types of things) I decided to leave well enough alone and keep the clay paint. The sweetest man on the planet assured me that if I hate it we can always paint over it. It’s going to be a loooong month before it gets here!

Photo Oct 22, 1 14 23 PM

color sample photo from Old HIckory facebook page.


~staci xo




studio updates

Photo Oct 18, 2 05 49 PM

an example of the style of building I ordered.

About a month ago I decided it was time to trust in the universe and FINALLY move my studio out of my spare bedroom. I went round and round with myself and the sweetest man on the planet about building a separate building in our woods or renting a space in downtown Aiken. We decided to build on our property, mainly because we have this great view, and I just love the convenience of walking out my front door, turning left, and being at the office. We also considered adding onto the house and building a room on our upstairs deck overlooking the water, but that turned out to be impractical.

We spent weeks researching pole barns, traditional construction, and portable buildings. It was the purchase of a portable barn by my friend Lillie Morris that pushed me over the edge. You can see her fabulous artworks here.

Photo Oct 23, 1 12 10 PMFirst we had to clear the land to the right of our house. The sweetest man on the planet found Aiken Brush & Bobcat online. What a great guy and extremely reasonable! We plan to have him back after the holidays to clear the underbrush from another acre or so.

I ordered the style building above from Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds. So far they’ve been really agreeable in spite of my constant self doubt regarding style, color, details like doors and windows etc. (More on that next week:~) Mine is due to be delivered  end of November, first of December. I’m so excited I could explode!

Next week I’ll tell you all about my inability to make creative decisions. Turns out this artist brain is not always a blessing:~)


for now,

staci xo