Oregon Recap!

Or “what I did over my west coast spring break teaching extravaganza”.

Last week I had the unbelievable pleasure to lead a group of 12 women for 2 days of painting and mixed media fun. We started Monday morning with some color mixing practice and then quickly moved on to applying that experience to simple color play using blues, yellows, and whites. We painted on a piece of wood and then cut that wood up into interesting shapes then reassembling those shapes into landscape pieces. So stinking fun. I love seeing how other people interpret my process and instructions. Here are a couple of examples. Aren’t they fun?!



After taking a break for dinner, we reconvened monday evening and using similar technique and process, we worked on small canvases and created bird paintings. In 3 hours! Gorgeous.



Tuesday we worked LARGE, as in 24″x48″. Again, using the same process, we created large figurative paintings. I’ll write more about the process we used and show some W.I.P. shots in my next posts but I wanted to share some of my favs from Tuesday’s marathon painting session. 9 hours, lots of large wood, lots of salted carmel toffee from Nevada City, CA (Thanks Terri!!), coffee, and I think a glass of wine or three. Wait until you see all of the pieces they made. I’m definitely going to be offering this series of workshops together like this again, probably in Aiken or Augusta, GA. Stay tuned.

And if you were at the retreat and read this, know that I had a blast and hope that we can do it again next year! So glad to have met each and every one of you!!

XO  ~staci