Encaustic and Everything Else

Well I know I promised to get these posts written on a Monday and in the mail by Tuesday mornings but by now you know how I am and last night I was attended  Spotlight on Art at the Trinity School in Atlanta. What a lovely evening. Spoke with friends both old and new and caught up with a few folks who bought artwork last year. Here’s hoping for another successful show for everyone. Keep your fingers crossed for the auction Saturday night at the Four Seasons and pray those 2 paintings I did with 3rd grade help to keep an art teacher employed for another year. If you haven’t seen them, here’s a link to a post I wrote a few months ago about how we did it. Two paintings total. Good times!

Let’s see…what else is new…the water level in the lake is down about 3ft so that everyone can work on their shoreline and docks. Hubster and I will be doing neither since we are still renovating a bathroom and contemplating building a barn/garage so that I have more storage and work space. I’m afraid the dock will have to wait. But YIKES! The tree stumps right in front of our property. It looks like an army of gnomes are rising up out of the depths. Kind of creepy in a Tim Burton sort of way. I am now terrified that if we do get our dock built, Waldo, the world’s largest lab, will hurl himself off of the end at high speed and impale himself on a gnome hat. Best not to dwell on it, Stac.

Artwise, I’ve been toying with the idea of encaustics for a few weeks now and finally this week I stole a few minutes from “producing” to experiment. I’ve got a long learning curve ahead of me on this one but I can really see the possibilities as far as layering. I started with a 24″x 24″ piece of birch plywood and did my usual drawing and painting, total disregard for color and form, just slapped that paint on there and painted without thinking. Then I cut the board up into 8″ squares. First let me say that if you are planning on cutting up your board, this would NOT be the wood to use. Yikes. Totally shredded the edges and I had to sand everything down. Then I painted melted beeswax over the surface, working with a heat gun to fuse the layers and keep it smooth. Carved it with a pencil then rubbed some black oil stick into the incised lines, rubbed in/off the excess with a paper towel and then went over it again with the heat gun. If you know anything about encaustics you know that there are more flaws to my process and use of materials than Carters has liver pills.  But I didn’t want to order supplies before I had a chance to just try it and (sheepish grin) I may have been a little impatient to wait for another order from Dick Blick :~) …I’ll be ordering items tomorrow.

The example below is far from perfect but I’ve decided to forge ahead because like I said earlier, I really am intrigued with the possibilities. I’m planning on using this series of miniatures for the show at Carolina Gallery next March.

So that’s what’s been going on around here. Back to work for me. Dishes to paint and 3 more large canvases to finish. I hope everyone is staying safe, warm, and smiling. Hugs. ~staci