Artzilla recap

Another Artzilla live painting weekend has come and gone. I sincerely love getting to hang out with like minded creatives and paint outdoors for an entire weekend. 

The event takes place at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta art festival in Augusta,GA. This was my 6th year participating in this event and every year I use it as an excuse to try something different with regards to my art making. This year’s goal was to use less color and more light vs dark. 

At the eleventh hour I decided to include my bulldog Ruby who is black and white. I think by adding her in the extreme foreground it helped to force a little perspective to the house shape and make the overall composition a little more engaging. 

I used as many lightest lights as I could garner from the paint I took with me and pushed the darks to include navy, brown, and dark violet. All in all I’m pleased with the result. 

“Ruby Do”, 30×30, is currently up for auction to benefit the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. I’ll post photos and links for the other participants later this week. Let me know if you’d like to jump into the bidding! Support the kiddos and their art programs. 

Staci XO

30×30 mixed media