springtime waiting

springtime waiting 30×20

The weather continues to be that perfect mix of 70 degrees and warm breezes here at The Hutch. My garden is still dormant but I can see a few early sprigs of green coming up here and there. And of course the camellia has started to bloom so hurrah! 

It’s time to tackle a few canvases I’ve put off for most of the winter and what better motivation for this Virgo soul than the anticipation of a fresh garden. 

Enjoy -staci 

PS I’m teaching at City Art in Columbia next week and I think we still have room for 1 or 2 more. More info is on my workshop page up top. 

PPS. Starting something new. Once a week I’m going to offer a “pay what you like” offer of one artwork. You pay me what you wish. $1? $50? I will accept the highest offer and mail you your artwork. You pay shipping. Today’s offer is below. “Into the gulf stream of winter” 20×20 on stretched canvas. Ready to hang. Shipping is estimated to be $30 and I will let you know more specifically once the piece is packaged and I have your address. XOXO 

New beginnings

Since last October I’ve been playing around with the notion of working smaller. Like less than 16″ smaller. And I hate to admit this but there are plenty of my large work out there in galleries to keep them busy for the next several months with a sufficient supply squirreled away in my studio for back up. (So if you’re in the market for a large Swider piece call me! Kidding.) (Not kidding:-) 

Anyway back to my thought. Working smaller. I find it difficult to make my style fit onto a small canvas. Most of this is because of the way I lay down paint. I paint the entire piece at the same time and there is a certain rhythm to those brush strokes. It’s just not that easy to get that mindless arm motion confined onto a 12″ square. Below is a piece of water color rag in progress on which you can see what I mean by this. 

Making my own collage paper

I’ve gone round and round in my head and with my artist bud @jayjacobsart for ideas. His thought is to clip a bunch of small canvases together and work them as a whole, then break apart and tweak them into a finished product. I like this idea and I’m definitely going to pursue it. Later. Because this happened:

I created a small series of paintings for the Seeds Show at Westobou Gallery. Which got me thinking how can I combine this idea with how I usually paint. And then Eureka!! It hit me. Paint large on paper or canvas and use that as collage materials for smaller works. It’s giving me fits sorting out the aesthetic and mechanics. But I’m like a dog with a bone with this kind of problem solving so I won’t be deterred. Below are a few of my fits and starts. I’ll keep you posted with my progress. 

 Meanwhile please keep buying my book and videos on Amazon or  Northlight. My sincerest appreciation for all of your support and positive feedback. Haven’t left feedback yet? Could you? Pretty please? Thanks gang. Love you bunches. Until later, XO -staci 

My first attempt. Ugh

Getting warmer.

Getting closer to my vision

Cooking with gas now!

Working in a Series

In one of my videos, Acrylic Painting Studio, “Working in a Series”, I talk about working in a series to sort out art making dilemmas or to try new ideas on a familiar subject. 


I recently completed this painting of my lab, Waldo and had so much fun creating him that I’ve decided to try him out in a few different variations. I’m creating two more Waldo paintings using a different colored dog, diff flowers, and a different duck. Now that I’ve worked out the shapes and light/dark patterns these others should come together rather quickly. Above is how the original turned out for those of you who are not on my reg fb page.
Below are some interesting ducks I’ve found online. The mallards on our pond are not nearly this extravagant so I’m allowing myself artistic liscence to stray out of my own back yard for a bit. Thinking I’ll do one golden lab and one black lab. I’ll try to remember to post updates as they come together. 

No photographer attribution

No photographer attribution


Until next time, check out all four of my videos at Northlight’s Shop and Keep those brushes wet!!     -Staci xo


I’m still waiting for photos of everyone’s finished paintings from Artzilla so I thought I’d post some process pics I took over the weekend. 

my inspiration

first i made paint blobs on olastic.

texture paste underneath then my favorite reds

layed out the flowers first

i used a photograph of my Ruby for reference

playing with neutrals

Ruby Do

Artzilla recap

Another Artzilla live painting weekend has come and gone. I sincerely love getting to hang out with like minded creatives and paint outdoors for an entire weekend. 

The event takes place at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta art festival in Augusta,GA. This was my 6th year participating in this event and every year I use it as an excuse to try something different with regards to my art making. This year’s goal was to use less color and more light vs dark. 

At the eleventh hour I decided to include my bulldog Ruby who is black and white. I think by adding her in the extreme foreground it helped to force a little perspective to the house shape and make the overall composition a little more engaging. 

I used as many lightest lights as I could garner from the paint I took with me and pushed the darks to include navy, brown, and dark violet. All in all I’m pleased with the result. 

“Ruby Do”, 30×30, is currently up for auction to benefit the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. I’ll post photos and links for the other participants later this week. Let me know if you’d like to jump into the bidding! Support the kiddos and their art programs. 

Staci XO

30×30 mixed media

What lies beneath

*update. Four days later my son came to visit and I had him Che k under the canvas. The monster was still alive. Until he wasn’t any longer. I plead the 5th. 

I came out to the studio late last night to work and was greeted by a rather large and sinister palmetto bug. I captured him with a small canvas. Wondering how long it will take for him to perish. My work flow today may be severely compromised. 

if it moves i’m in trouble

Blog Hop

I recently had the pleasure to write a guest spot on Cloth Paper Scissors Blog. I addressed the age old issue of “fat over lean” vs “lean over fat”. Check it out at Cloth Paper Scissors.com

How do you incorporate seemingly disparate art materials in your own work?


There is more day to dawn. 20×30