Back Home

I’ve sat down to write this post too many times in the last two weeks to count. Always something comes up. Gah! Believe it or not we’ve been home from Ireland for several weeks now. Seriously where does the time go?! Feels like I’ve been busy spinning my wheels and never catching up. I guess that’s the downside of going away for a month. Things are setting back into some routine of sorts so I’d better fire off this post while I’m thinking about it. (Swear to goodness the phone rang and an hour later I’m still trying to write this. Yeesh)

First and most importantly! November 10-12 I am teaching workshops in Lubbock, TX at The Rabbit Barn. $450 includes your workshop fees, Friday supper, and Saturday lunch. Hours are F 5-9, S 9-6, S 2-5. 

I first wrote about this here. We will be creating mixed media plaster gauze sculptures for Christmas decorations, either a crèche or Noah’s Ark or whatever else captures your imagination. Fantasy house portraits and time permitting a painting class are also on the schedule. 

There are local hotels a short distance away or you can stay at the farm in the big house for $55/night. They have 5 private rooms with private baths. Includes breakfast. 

Anna and her crew will transport to and from the airport. 

You can read more about the farm at They tell me there are all manner of animals and to be prepared for a bit of farm life. I, for one, can’t wait!! 

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