Swarming thoughts

Ready. Set. Go!

Hello my lovelies. I haven’t painted in a couple of weeks for one reason or another. This downtime has me thinking about my next works and the works I may (or may not?) produce during my residency. Cruising thru my thoughts is a euro-style mini zipping around country roads with two ladies at the helm. While I doubt that I will literally illustrate these pictures I do think that my next works will contain a more narrative aspect. 

Immigration has been on my mind for many reasons.

I was asked once about the titles of my paintings and why they don’t necessarily relate completely to the image. In my mind I’m thinking that the plant life is the silent bystander to life going on around them. We live our lives inside of our houses, having conversations, while the flowers are outside our windows and doors. They overhear everything yet say nothing. So in my titles I like to give a snippet of something that may be happening in the parts of the painting that you can NOT see. This allows you to create your own narrative. 

My great-grandfather drove a mule cart that delivered milk. (And prostitutes.)

These new paintings will still be primarily plant life but I’m considering adding some sort of visual subtext. A glimpse into the story that the garden has witnessed. We’ll see. I’m also drawn to vases of flowers right now so who knows:-)

Next time From Listowell XOXO -Staci 

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