New mixing color range

Hello my lovelies! Seems I missed last week’s post. Waylaid by the mundane and my general apathy towards anything that starts to resemble the routine. But it’s lent and I promised myself I’d give up the words “should” and “not enough”from my vocabulary so I’m cutting myself a break and offering no apologies. 

Meanwhile back at The Hutch:

(Glimpse into my real life moment. As I’m writing this on my phone, because im laptop illiterate but a damned whiz on this here contraption, squirrel! Wait. What?! Oh. Real life. I go to sit down on the leather chair in the family room the dog often frequents and there is a leaf so I go to move it and it is a dog slobber snot wet thing of grossness that clings to my fingers. I try to wipe it on my black spandex workout pants which I’m wearing specifically to piss off Kelly Ann Conway and it just spreads all over the place. I am horrified so greatly by the dog snot that I feel the need to share. Thus is my sexy life. Ireland can’t get here soon enough.)

But about that color range. Recently I decided to change the color palette I suggest for my workshops. I found this nice neat and tidy group of seven in the Golden website and was intrigued by its high intensity. Thinking this would resonate with the folks I get in my workshops I started recommending it. I’m fairly pleased so far but there are a couple of observations I’m noticing and I’m working out solutions. First, here’s the list:

Hansa Yellow lt, Hansa yellow med, naphthal crimson, quinacridone magenta, pthaylo blue (gr), pthaylo green (bl), anthroquinone glue, white. 

My problem is with the two pthaylo colors. They are ridiculous stainers and can taint your palette very quickly overpowering any and all subsequent mixing. I’ve tried putting my green mixing colors into their own palette but it’s still giving me trouble. I’m noticing that my students are turning out paintings with a very strong teal overcast and I think it’s from contamination. I know that I personally am not achieving the range of greens that I was hoping for so what to do.

I’m also instructing folks to use two rinse water containers, always using one to wash and one to rinse but those damned pthaylo colors still end up in the white. Technically speaking we should be able to mix a wider range of color with this set and I’m determined to figure out a solution. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe a third rinse bucket? Maybe separate brushes for the greens? Suggestions?

TTFN staci 

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