Seems the two days of cold frigid winter are now over. It’s 74 degrees in my studio garden so it stands to reason I’m still thinking about these new flowers.

Available on etsy $65

I admit I’m in a bit of a snit today. So I went out to my happy place and created these two little collages with reckless abandon. It felt kind of good to just slap paint around, cut fabric like a beast, and glue it together without stopping to think too much about what I was doing. 

Also available on etsy. $65

I could really get carried away with combining all of these colors and textures. To me they are now like quilt squares and every time I move the in progress works around on my table they make a new composition. It’s all I can do to keep from assembling them into something larger. 
Focus Swider. Focus.

Here’s an idea for the future.

Sure hope this great weather continues. I’ll be wishing for cold again come April, just in time for my month in Ireland. What can I say. I’m fickle:-)

XO staci 

ps. Here’s a link to my new etsy shop where you can find my smaller more pocket friendly artworks. Large paintings are still available thru their respective galleries. 

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