This That and The Other

Probably time to wrap up all of the news that’s fit to print and make space for whatever comes up in the next few weeks so here goes! 

Workshops! Saturday February 4 at Mac on Main in Thomson, GA and then March 4 at the Gertrude Herbert in Augusta, GA. Both of those are an all day affair exploring painting. Click on the workshop tab above to learn more. I think we still have 1 or 2 seats. 

Then in April I’m off to Olive Stack Gallery in Listowell Ireland for a month! A month!! I’m a wee bit o’excited. I’m offering two workshops while I’m there so if you happen to find yourself in County Kerry or the like feel free to drop in! 

Random internet photo

Let’s see. What else… Working on a gig in Florida sometime in the late Fall but no dates or details yet. I’ll keep you posted. Then November 10 I’m going to be in Lubbock TX for a few days of workshops. Those will be centered around a holiday theme and if I know those gals it should prove to be a riot of a good time. You’re not going to want to miss that one if you can make it. I’ll post contact info for registration as soon as we finalize the specifics. 

I’m still working on creating an online workshop and as per usual I ran into technical difficulties. I’ve put that project aside for a few weeks whilst I work on a new body of work for my galleries to freshen things up a bit. If you are Traveling in and around the Southeast be sure to look them up and grab a piece of Swider goodness to take home to adorn your space. I have a feeling we are all going to need a little beauty while we ride out the next few years no matter what your political persuasion. Remember, art will heal your soul. True story. ❤️ 

The latest painting to come off of the easel.

Other useless information. The geese are driving the dogs crazy which in turn is driving me crazy. So I’ve decided to buy a pair of ducklings come spring to add to the chaos around here. And naturally I’m thinking about some kind of Hungarian or Polish inspired little Hutch for them. Because I’ve got nothing else to fill up my time. LOL 

Lifted from Painted houses in Zalipie

And THAT my darlings is all the news from The Hutch Art Studio. See below for this week’s art giveaway of sorts. Tah! XO


This week’s painting up for grabs for the cost of shipping and whatever you feel like paying for it. Because it’s fun to share and I like it when my art flys out of the studio and finds a new home. So yes, in fact if all you can afford or are willing to pay is $1.00, then it’s yours. Don’t be shy! All I ask is that you pay for shipping in addition to your sale price. Last week’s painting found its way to a lucky young man who just redecorated his living space. This week’s shipping will probably run around $30. Note: you are buying the orange painting in the photo below. Email me 


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