Working in a Series

In one of my videos, Acrylic Painting Studio, “Working in a Series”, I talk about working in a series to sort out art making dilemmas or to try new ideas on a familiar subject. 


I recently completed this painting of my lab, Waldo and had so much fun creating him that I’ve decided to try him out in a few different variations. I’m creating two more Waldo paintings using a different colored dog, diff flowers, and a different duck. Now that I’ve worked out the shapes and light/dark patterns these others should come together rather quickly. Above is how the original turned out for those of you who are not on my reg fb page.
Below are some interesting ducks I’ve found online. The mallards on our pond are not nearly this extravagant so I’m allowing myself artistic liscence to stray out of my own back yard for a bit. Thinking I’ll do one golden lab and one black lab. I’ll try to remember to post updates as they come together. 

No photographer attribution

No photographer attribution


Until next time, check out all four of my videos at Northlight’s Shop and Keep those brushes wet!!     -Staci xo

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