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Photo Oct 18, 2 05 49 PM

an example of the style of building I ordered.

About a month ago I decided it was time to trust in the universe and FINALLY move my studio out of my spare bedroom. I went round and round with myself and the sweetest man on the planet about building a separate building in our woods or renting a space in downtown Aiken. We decided to build on our property, mainly because we have this great view, and I just love the convenience of walking out my front door, turning left, and being at the office. We also considered adding onto the house and building a room on our upstairs deck overlooking the water, but that turned out to be impractical.

We spent weeks researching pole barns, traditional construction, and portable buildings. It was the purchase of a portable barn by my friend Lillie Morris that pushed me over the edge. You can see her fabulous artworks here.

Photo Oct 23, 1 12 10 PMFirst we had to clear the land to the right of our house. The sweetest man on the planet found Aiken Brush & Bobcat online. What a great guy and extremely reasonable! We plan to have him back after the holidays to clear the underbrush from another acre or so.

I ordered the style building above from Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds. So far they’ve been really agreeable in spite of my constant self doubt regarding style, color, details like doors and windows etc. (More on that next week:~) Mine is due to be delivered  end of November, first of December. I’m so excited I could explode!

Next week I’ll tell you all about my inability to make creative decisions. Turns out this artist brain is not always a blessing:~)


for now,

staci xo

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