Windows to the soul

I know what you’re thinking. “What? Two posts in one month?!” Can you stand it?
I’m still working thru my artist block and haven’t really slept soundly in ages. No different than my husband when he stays up at night worrying about our kids or a problem at the plant. I worry about what to paint. And how to paint it.
So far I’ve decided to go back to house shapes and trees. I’m taking my love for siberian architecture and channeling it into the houses and thinking about combining that with the tree element. Maybe the trees are against the backdrop of the architecture. These windows at Nalichniki are what have me all a dither lately.
The man who writes this blog published a book of his photographs. If I can figure out to to read Cyrillic I’m going to buy a copy. I figure it will arrive in about 6 months in time for my block to have sufficiently worked itself out:-)
Time to paint early this morning.
Happy Wednesday!



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