Too much of everything?

As I sit here at the dentist’s office reading an article about the building of the stone monuments at Orkney Island in Scotland (a Neolithic site predating Stonehenge built without modern tools), listening to the news in the background covering the senseless destruction of property in Ferguson, it strikes me–people today have everything. All of their needs are met. They have food, clothing, shelter, and so much more. Young people today are not spending their energy hunting and gathering in the wild. They aren’t building anything. Their minds have too much idle time. From what I am witnessing from my quiet little corner of the world it seems to me that what we need is to stop making life so easy for people. Let’s teach them to garden instead of handing them an EBT card. Let’s teach them construction rather than handing over the keys to subsidized housing. Let’s give them a plot of land and teach them how to be productive self sufficient members of society.
It all makes me too sad.

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