New works. New ideas. New day.

Just sitting on the back porch listening to the wind play with the beeches and counting my blessings. I love it here.

So what’s got me all thoughtful to the point of writing? Well you know how I’m always exploring themes in my work and striving to turn out pieces with personal meaning and reflection? I decided, after a heart to heart with a gallery owner whom I respect more than just about anybody, that it was time to take my work in a more serious direction. Playful is fine in the artwork but it doesn’t garner the paycheck of its more “sophisticated” non representational counterparts. At least this has been my experience. You can make the argument on both sides of this coin but if I’m ever going to be taken seriously for what I do I am going to have to appeal to a different collector and painting chickens in bright colors isn’t going to get me there right now.

Where was I? Meaningful. Serious. Oh! I was tooling around with softer color pallet punctuated with darks and simple abstract compositions and my son pointed out that it had a coal mining industrial feel to it and I jumped on that thought like a teenaged boy jumps on a tank top and short shorts. Shazaam! Coal mining and strip mines and altered landscapes are a huge part of my familial heritage so it was one of those karmic conversations that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

I’m keeping most of the new work under wraps for a bit longer but here is a look at a work in progress. It needs a final coat of wax and some antiquing and sgraffito work but you’ll get the general idea of where I’m heading. The detail photo is what the overall finished texture looks like on these new pieces. Love the subtle romantic quality of the colors.

Seems Zane, Rosie, Andrew and Anna are still whispering in my ear. Thanks gang:-)



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