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work by Daniel Mcclendon

work by Daniel Mcclendon

I just got back from Asheville, NC yesterday after 3 fabulous days away with the hubster. Yes, three days of galleries, junkin’, beautiful flowers, and great food. Wait, you haven’t been? Go! Make your reservations NOW!

While we were trolling around the River Arts District, we fell into the most fabulous studio/gallery of Daniel Mcclendon.  He was there and we chatted him up for a bit. His new work is so energetic and immediate. You can just feel him painting it when you see it in person. His background is in realism and he says he painted that way for years until he became disenfranchised with his work and wanted to do work that was more a personal expression. 

Take a look at his website. I think the reason I responded to his work is partly his story. I can relate to that time in his career when he felt the need to switch gears and paint with more personal meaning. I’ve been there. When you are painting for a living it is all to easy to get stuck churning out work that is expected of you. But if you are brave and remain true to yourself, your work doesn’t need to become predictable.

Take risks. Paint from your heart. Create without thinking. Just do.



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