The Ice Storm Cometh

As you may or may not have heard we’ve had the mother of all ice storms here in Aiken and Augusta. Finally took a drive around downtown Aiken yesterday and it is so sad. Hundreds and hundreds of old growth magnolias just torn down. I’m seriously looking forward to spring at this point.
My husband had an unfortunate incident with a tree during the worst of the crazy sleet and freezing rain that was coming down on Wednesday. One of the doz or so that had fallen across our road down to the house kicked back on him as he was trying to cut it and caught him squarely in the face. Obliterated his rt cheekbone and broke the left side clear to his upper jaw. After spending 3 days in the hospital we came home to a few more days of no power or running water.
But I can honestly say that I have the dearest friends and support group ever and we made it thru no worse for wear. Hubby’s face is returning to normal proportions and the discoloration is starting to subside.
We are most fortunate.
Encaustic is still teasing me and I’m still trying to figure out the process. But research and playing around are starting to yield results. Not perfect yet but soldiering onward because that’s what we do around here.
This too shall pass.
Hugs and love to all.


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