what’s it all for, anyway?

OMG. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Actually it’s the second part of my lesson from last week…”What in the name of **** do I really want to get out of this?” Or in simple down home country speak “why are you doing this Anni?”

Oh, in case you didn’t know, my mother calls me Anni from time to time, mostly when I’m being a pill. They named me Anastasia originally, after my great-grandmother but never put it on the birth certificate, in favor of Staci, a popular name back in the mid-sixties. This will surely contribute to much consternation years from now when I am gone and my paintings become worth oodles of pennies. You see, for a while, back when I was wrastling with inner demons and sorting thru the mental hoops of maturation, I went thru a phase whereby I signed my paintings “anastasia”. It was way back in the days when I was just starting to sell my work and I think I was hiding behind the name to be honest. Alas, after I took back my maiden name a few years ago I had this new found confidence and slapped that “Swider” moniker on anything and everything I could touch with a paintbrush and here I am. 

(I’m writing this at the moment on my back deck, beautiful South Carolina day out here, water flowing by on Johnson’s Lake ((really it’s just an extra large pond)) and the sweetest sparrows are flitting around at me feet. Let’s take a moment to pause and express thanks for this gift…) Ok. What was I talking about? Oh. Said Blog. It started out as a way to share my thoughts and ideas with other artists back when I wasn’t coming into contact with them on a daily basis. Back in the days when I lived in a cave. But that was eons ago and I’m happy to say that slowly but surely I’m building a network of friends and acquaintances who satisfy that side of my social cravings so I think I can tick that one off of the list. 

It helps me to keep to a schedule?  If you’ve been following for any length of time we all know that I’m full of horse poop on that one:~) My current yen is to write every Monday afternoon and schedule a drop into the ether in the wee hours of Tuesdays. Somebody call me on the carpet on that one in a few weeks:~)

Alright. Enough BS. These poor folks have work to get to and coffee to drink and you’ve been at it for what, like 4 paragraphs already and still haven’t made your point, Anni. (I can hear my mother’s voice as I’m typing.) I write because I need a way to stay in touch with potential workshop attendees. But more than that, who I am, what plays in the narrative inside of my head, is 100% a part of the artwork that I produce and I think the blog is a way to share that with people, both collectors and students. Some days I will share a bit about process, some days I’ll share a bit about inspiration and maybe inspire someone else. And almost always I will share a little bit of me, the person, the goings on out here on our old pond or down the street in our neck of the woods in our corner of the world. It’s that simple really. 

If you haven’t seen it already, here is a link to a talk I gave a few weeks ago. This will really give you food for fodder into who I am and why I do it. Enjoy. Hugs. ~staci

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