Snowmagedden 2014

Only in our little corner of the universe could I be working in the garage chopping frames wearing a pair of shorts, the doors open to the outside while I think about running to the store to buy kerosene for tomorrow’s impending ice storm. Today it was somewhere in the vicinity of 60 degrees. Tomorrow we are expecting a high of 30 and 5″ of show and ice. I’ve never lived anywhere else with this kind of crazy bipolar weather. 

I admit that I’m more than a bit excited. Sure, we live in the woods and lose power at the slightest gust of wind. And sure, our driveway is so steep that the UPS man won’t come down to deliver my art supplies to the door.  And yes, I’m planning on wearing flannel pajamas for the next 72 hours. But I made my son stack up the firewood on the back porch to keep it dry and I did fight someone for the last pint of goats milk so at least we will have fire and food…’ish. 

Now all I need to do is finish framing all of the artwork I’m taking to Atlanta to Trinity School’s Spotlight on Art and I am OFF DUTY! Yes. You read that right. I’m giving myself a snow day on Wednesday. THAT is something to get me excited. I’m going to enjoy my 72 hours of winter. Then it’s time to think Spring and plan for the next workshop in Nashville at Studio Be. I’ll tell you more about that next week. Here’s a peek…                                                                                                  



Got to go throw another log  on the fire. I’m planning ahead:~)     


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